This is a wiki space for all the people that attended the workshop on working with kids in a Parks and Wildlife or Desert Park role.

A wiki is a website that users (including you) can contribute to.

It is a space where we can upload

  • electronic copies of the handouts,
  • other resources we come across,

and share

  • useful links,
  • references
  • ideas
  • success stories

It is also a place for you - the participants - to share your learning, ideas and activities that you create.

For those of you that have never used a wiki before - a wiki is easy to use. Essentially you just click on 'edit this page' and it turns into a word document and you can make your changes, then click 'save'. For a quick video tutorial and for more instructions on using wikis go to How to use a wiki

Take a look at the Desert Park Education wiki if you want more idea of what it could offer us.